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  • Can anyone call himself a talent agent or manager?
  • What is a Completion Bond?
  • I am a documentary film producer and would like to use music that is protected by copyright in my film. Do I need permission to do so if I use less than 5 seconds of it?
  • Are reality television formats protectable?
  • What is chain of title?
  • What is E&O Insurance?
  • What is the difference between an official co-production and a CRTC co-venture?
  • I intend on producing a feature film in Ontario. How can I calculate the amount of tax credits that my production will be entitled to?
  • What is “Global Rule One”? Does it apply to me if I am Canadian?
  • I’m a writer and have a great idea for a script. How can I protect myself from story theft when pitching my idea to producers?

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